When you install new doors through a place like Window Planet, you don't buy a complete door with all hardware installed. You buy the door and then add on the knobs, locks, viewers, and hinges. And you have choices for all of these categories. For the door handle, you'll have a choice between knobs and levers, and the style you choose can have a noticeable effect on your life. Take a look at these considerations to find the best choice for you.

Health Matters

Levers are popular both because of their streamlined looks and their ease of use. Whether you have a temporary injury, chronic joint disease, or have just found turning doorknobs to be more difficult as you age, a lever eliminates those concerns. All you have to do is press down, and not very hard. If you or someone in your home have had more trouble with doorknobs lately, a lever-style handle would be best. You should also get these if you're planning to age in place and just want your home to be as ready as possible for any eventuality.

Style Guide

Of course, if health isn't an issue and you want your house to have a certain look, then you should go with whichever style best fits that look. For example, for Craftsman and Victorian homes, a brushed-nickel lever would look out of place. But a plain knob might look perfect.

Pet Problems

One big disadvantage to levers is that pets figure them out really quickly. If your dog is tall enough, or if you have a pet that can jump well, they can jump up, grab the lever, and pull it down. That's not good if you're trying to keep your dog in a separate room while you have a repair tech over, for example, and want to keep the dog away from the work that's going on. If you've got smart pets, you might consider getting round doorknobs.

Hands Full

Levers are better if you're continually walking around with your hands full. You can push these things down with your elbow to open the door if need be. If you know you're going to be moving a lot of stuff around, carrying things, and so on, a lever can be really helpful.

Give some thought to these, but remember that it's very easy to replace a door handle. In fact, you can keep spares of both styles around and switch them out as need be. That may be a very good solution if you can't decide on the handle style for your new door.