If you are ready to make your friends and family members safer in your home, railings made of safety glass are an important option to consider. While glass in almost any intact form will often make a small space seem larger and make a modest home look more sophisticated, standard glass in the use of railings is dangerous at best and could be lethal under some circumstances. Therefore, one example you may want to consider is tempered glass, which is unique in that it is made with extra heat and fast cooling. The glass may also be made with the application of specific chemicals to form glass that is safer to be around if it is damaged. As a result, the following facts are likely to be particularly useful when you are modifying or adding railings.  

Understanding  Why You Should Avoid Standard Glass Whenever Possible

If you have ever had the misfortune of seeing standard glass that has been broken or of being the person tasked with cleaning up the mess that occurred from the damage, you already know how easy it might be to sustain serious injuries from those tiny pieces of glass. Standard glass can often shatter in more than one direction and it can seem almost impossible to find each shard, particularly if the floor beneath is carpeted.

Since those shards are so difficult to find, there is the lingering potential for new injuries for months after the damage occurred. In addition, the laws in some areas require safety glass for specific areas or in residential settings.     

Planning For Tempered Glass For Your Railings

It is important to note that tempered glass is not impervious to damage. However, if it is damaged, it is much less likely to injure people or animals due to forming small pieces of glass in lieu of the problematic bigger pieces that can quickly do so much damage. The small pieces are not as sharp and are easier to contain than traditional glass, while also being stronger than untreated glass.

Although being able to see through the railings can make it seem as if a small space seems bigger and the clean appearance can contribute to a more sophisticated image, tempered glass is virtually identical visually to other types of glass. Therefore, you can safely have both form and function for your railings. Given that recent statistics reflect that more than one million injuries occur each year due to accidents on stairs and about 12,000 of those injuries result in death, it only makes sense that removing standard glass whenever possible is the right choice.

In conclusion, glass railings are a popular way to add sophistication to a stairway and its surrounding area, while also creating the illusion of extra space. Tempered glass is an ideal addition to any railing and therefore the information shared above will be quite helpful.