When it comes to wood around your home, it can be used for anything from flooring to the front door. Raw timber is even used for exposed custom timbers on areas like a porch or other covered area. Depending on the area where wood is being installed, you will want to use different materials. Here are some of the choices of lumber for the wood features that will give your home a warm cozy feeling:

1. Choosing the Best Materials for Custom Wood Flooring in Your Home

There are many different types of materials that you may want to use for the floors in your home. Some of the most common materials used for wood flooring are hardwood materials like white oak. Today, there are also some alternative materials that you may want to consider for the flooring in your home. For a less conventional wood flooring solution, consider bamboo flooring products, which are great to give your home more of a contemporary design.

2. Trim, Window Treatments and Wall Paneling in Your Home for Custom Woodworking Details

Custom woodworking can also be a feature for the interior of your home. You may want to use wood shades that help give windows a warm look. In addition to the window treatments, wall panels and trim can also be a great way to add wood features to the interior design of your home. You can have windows trimmed with wood materials that help give them a custom wood appearance. There are also wood paneling materials that can be a great choice for paneling below chair railing.

3. The Best Woods to Use for Exterior Windows and Doors Around Your Home

The exterior of your home is an area where you will want to choose wood materials carefully. If you are going to have stained wood features, consider materials that are durable in outdoor conditions, such as cedar, cypress, or white oak materials. Try not to use softwood materials like untreated pine or spruce for the exterior features of your home.

4. Lumber Choices for Architectural Details and Custom Woodwork on Exteriors

When you want to add details to your home, there are also many choices for timber details. These materials can be exposed rafter tails or timber brackets on the exterior of your home. You will want to stain and seal these materials to protect them from weathering. It is a good idea to apply a sealant to your exposed timbers every few years for the most protection from the elements.

These are some of the choices for wood features around your home and the best materials to use for each of them. If you are ready to renovate your home with some of these features, contact a custom window treatment service like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory  and talk with them about giving your home a custom look with woodworking features.