There are very few home remodels that are as dramatic as window replacement. When you replace your windows you not only change how the inside and outside look, you also improve the energy efficiency and installation of your property. Not to mention, new windows are found to be more functional, user-friendly, and stylish than what ever you had before. Many people are under the false assumption that they need to choose a synthetic material if they want to modernize their windows. However, this article will explain why wood is still a great choice for homeowners to want cutting edge, modern window fixtures:

Wood Cladding on Synthetic Window Frames

Most modern wooden windows are clad with wood just on the outside of the sashes. That is, they have a metal or synthetic frame that is clad with wood. So, what you see is wood, but get the functionality of synthetic products. This is most important when it comes to insulation and the functionality of your fixtures. Wood can be difficult and hard to use when it comes to sliding windows, but if you have synthetic frames, they will be able to slide easily with very little resistance or friction.

Wood Maintenance

But, the outside of your wooden windows will still be exposed to the elements. Wood is not 100% water resistant, so this means it will need some special attention. In reality, all you need to do is keep an eye on your wood and reapply the protective stain whenever it seems to be fading for wearing off. This is usually an issue you only need to worry about once or twice in a 10-year span. The actual maintenance of a wooden window, though more demanding than that of a synthetic material like PVC, is not too overwhelming. It certainly shouldn't dissuade you from choosing such a stylish product.

Wood is Easy to Update

The best thing about wood is that it can be easily changed. This is a consideration homeowners who like to update their house colors appreciate. If you paint your walls, on the inside or outside, it can change the way your windows look. You might, suddenly not like your window color next to the new paint color. If you have a synthetic material like PVC, you won't really have the ability to change the color of your windows. Having this freedom of design is a huge perk when it comes to owning wooden windows. It is easy to see why wood, after centuries of use, is still a very great choice for window construction.

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