Your windows, just like all other parts of your home's exterior, can deteriorate over time due to age and general weather exposure. Over time, this can open up the interior of your home up to damage due to water leaks and weather conditions that manage to make it past the seal of your windows. This can also reduce the comfort levels within your home by altering the temperature. Understanding some of the earliest warning signs associated with windows that have begun to fail can help you understand when you need to have them replaced before the above problems can manifest themselves.

Condensation Buildup

The clearest sign that your windows have reached the end of their lifespan is if you notice that there is condensation building up between the panes of glass within your windows. This points to the fact that the seal of the glass has broken down. Usually, the space between your glass is supposed to be a vacuum, which makes it harder for heat to pass through. In the winter, this condensation can freeze and turn into frost on the interior of the glass. Not only does condensation point to the fact that heat can enter or leave your home, depending on the season, but it also opens the door to water damage and rotting for wooden windows.

Issues Opening and Closing

If you find that your windows have suddenly become difficult to properly open or close, you may want to start considering replacement. This can happen over time from water damage and warping in wooden windows, or plain old structural damage in fiberglass or metal windows. While minor damage may be able to be repaired by a skilled professional, more often than not damage that is severe enough to alter your ability to open and close your windows points to the fact that you should consider replacement.

Unexplainable Energy Bills

Finally, a passive sign that your windows should be replaced is if you find that your home's energy bills are slowly but steadily ticking upwards, without any notable changes in the amount of electricity that you are using within your house. This usually points to some loss of insulative quality to the exterior of your home; your windows, particularly if they are relatively old and are exhibiting any of the above symptoms, can be the reason for your higher bills. Replacing them as soon as possible can save you money in the long-run.

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