If you live in an area that has frequent hurricanes, you may be considering getting hurricane shutters for your home. With them, you can keep your windows, belongings, and loved ones inside the home safe during a storm. If you want hurricane shutters but you are still unfamiliar with them, check out these three frequently asked questions about hurricane shutters.

What Types of Hurricane Shutters Are Available?

There are many types of hurricane shutters, including storm panel shutters, roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, colonial shutters, and Bahama shutters. Storm panel, roll-down, and accordion shutters are the most durable and are best for areas that see severe hurricane weather. Storm panels are removable, so you put them up before a storm and store them when you aren't using them. Roll-down and accordion shutters are attached to the house, so you don't have to worry about storing them, but they do affect the look of your home.

Colonial and Bahama shutters are less durable, and they also do not work on all homes. Colonial shutters are usually a beautiful aspect of the home, but you may need a backup shutter system to successfully protect your windows. Bahama hurricane shutters work as both shutters and awnings. They tilt up when not in use and back down when you need to protect your windows. They do tend to block more sunlight, however. Neither colonial nor Bahama shutters can be used to protect doors.

How Much Do They Cost?

The exact cost of hurricane shutters depends on the type you get, but the average cost is about $2,889. Storm panels tend to be the cheapest option because you need to find storage for them and hang them before every hurricane. Accordion, colonial and Bahama shutters, however, are not much more expensive. The most expensive type is roll-up shutters because they can be easily hidden when not in use and easily accessed when needed.

Other factors play a role in the cost as well. For example, if you purchase a stock pair of shutters from a local home improvement store, you may only pay about $20 to $200 for wooden or vinyl shutters. You'll also likely pay more if you have oddly sized windows or want a perfect fit and need custom-made shutters that fit your home perfectly.

What About Impact Windows?

Impact windows are another option to consider. They are made from tempered glass and a layer of resin. The tempered glass helps adds structural strength to the window, allowing it to withstand debris flying at higher speeds. The resin prevents the glass from shattering if it does break. Instead of glass flying into your home, creating a big hole for criminals and weather to destroy everything, the sheet of glass stays held together to still offer protection.

Another benefit of impact windows is that they may eliminate the need for shutters. This means you don't have to worry about putting any up or affecting the appearance of your home's exterior. If you live in an area with extremely bad hurricanes, however, they may not be enough to provide adequate protection. Therefore, you may need to pay for a backup shutter system to get full protection in even the worst storms.

If your area frequently experiences high winds or hurricanes, shutters and/or impact windows are an excellent option to consider. Not only will they protect the valuable people and items inside your home, but they may even help reduce your homeowners' insurance premiums. If you are ready to protect your home, you should get started today. Find out what type of shutters would be best for your budget, home, and local weather and contact a hurricane shutter supplier in your area today.