When you are choosing your replacement windows, you have so many criteria to consider that it can be a little difficult to figure out what product is going to be the absolute best for your home. That is, you need to think about style, but also functionality and construction code requirements. For example, some window materials are not suitable for home window installations in the basement since there is a risk of flooding and moisture damage there.

Vinyl is Storm Ready

In fact, where you live and what type of weather you have to deal with should have a big bearing on the material you choose to install. There are a lot of great materials, but vinyl is one of the most commonly used because it looks great, and it can be used on pretty much any type of window in any climate. One of the best testaments to how sturdy vinyl windows are is the fact that it is a material used in storm shutters. Basically, vinyl can be rated to withstand hurricane-force winds and flooding. So even if you don't live somewhere with such severe weather conditions, you know that you will have strong windows if they are made out of vinyl.


Vinyl is also a great insulator. Homeowners who live in mild climates can install more affordable hollow vinyl windows, which are lightweight but also have good insulation. Since the walls are thicker than aluminum or fiberglass windows, vinyl gives great insulation. Vinyl has a slow rate of heat transfer, which can be helpful in any climate. During the winter, you might even touch your window frames and notice that they are very cold. But since vinyl has a slower rate of heat transfer, this effect should not be as noticeable. This is also important and helpful during the hottest days of the year.

Most homeowners will greatly appreciate having an energy-efficient and super durable product, but they will be most affected by the day-to-day maintenance of the product they choose. That is, cleaning and repairing your window is not something that most homeowners look forward to, so they appreciate a material like vinyl. First of all, you can clean vinyl with any liquid or simply dust it when necessary. As far as long-term maintenance goes, no serious refinishing, painting, patching, or staining needs to be done. Vinyl is definitely a great window material for any home.