If you have been considering tinting your car windows, you will find there are different types available. This can make it difficult to make a choice. To help, below are four of these types so you can understand what you choose.

Ceramic Window Tint

With this type of window tint, a ceramic layer is sandwiched between the top coat and adhesive layer of the window film. This decreases the amount of sunlight that shines through your car windows even more. Ceramic window tint is durable, will not fade, and will last a long time on your car.

The main drawback to ceramic window tint is it is an expensive option. If you plan to have your vehicle for a long time, the cost may be worth it to you.

Metalized Window Tint

Metalized window tint offers the most darkness for your windows. This is because this tint is made of several metalized layers. You do need to check with the state that you live in, however, as there may be laws when it comes to how dark window tint can be. If so, this tint is likely too dark. Metalized window tint is durable and will last a long time on the car windows.

The main drawback to metalized film is the type of metal used blocks smartphone signals from leaving your car, as well as entering your car. This means your smartphone and other devices will not work well. This type of tint is also expensive.

Dyed Window Tint

This is the easiest and least expensive type of window tint you can purchase. When this tint is made, a layer of dye is placed over the adhesive, and then the adhesive film is adhered to the window. If you choose this, it is important that it is applied correctly. If you do it on your own, there may be air bubbles that will be difficult to remove.

The main drawback with dyed window tint is it will fade over time. How long this is depends much on if your car is garaged or if it sits in the sun unprotected a lot of the day.

Once you choose the window tint for your car, you will find it offers you many benefits, such as giving you more privacy, blocking the harmful sun's rays, reducing glare from the sun, and more. Talk with companies like Utah Window Tinting that install window tint for more information.