Are you getting ready to turn your garage into a guest room? Here are a few things you can do to make the space feel cozier for everyone who visits.

Paint the Floors and Walls

You can leave the garage floors and walls as-is and just decorate around the rough edges, but the room may end looking and feeling unfinished when all is said and done. You could have the floors covered with laminate and the walls covered with drywall, but the process can be expensive and unnecessary since the space won't be occupied full time.

Or, you can just paint the floors and walls to give them a cozy look and feel. It's a cost-effective DIY project that will bring your new guest room to life without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time. Consider painting your walls and floors a neutral color that will complement your more aggressive wall art and decor, such as gray or off- white.

Hang Some Personal Photography

A great way to show your guests what your community and surrounding areas have to offer is to hang some personal photography on the walls of their garage guest room. Take a hike and get some up close and personal photographs of the trees, leaves, and water drops that you find along the way. Spend a day in the park and capture photos of kids playing and families barbecuing. Or just grab some photos of people shopping at your local mall.

After taking your photos, have them printed on canvas paper and then frame them to create your own custom artwork for your new guest room walls. You can install strings of fairy lights behind the framed photos to illuminate them and make that a major focal point of your room.

Install Some Honeycomb Shades

Not only will you make your new garage guest room feel cozier, but you'll enhance energy efficiency and help keep cold and hot air outside where it belongs. Honeycomb shades typically feature small honeycomb-shaped air pockets that absorb cold air as it tries to leak air through the window into the interior of your guest room space.

Installing honeycomb shades on all the windows in your new garage guest room will help keep your guests warm and night and cooler during the day. This will eliminate the need for expanding your interior air conditioning system to the garage, which can cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Just protect the winsome honeycomb shades and install a ceiling fan. Your guests are sure to appreciate the comfort and coziness.

For more information about honeycomb shades, contact a company like Caseys Window Coverings LLC.