A well-lit home is something that you can accomplish with natural lighting, artificial lighting, or a combination of the two. While performing a house inspection, you may notice that several areas are rather dim even when you turn on all the lights or open all the windows. Hiring professionals to install new windows in the dimmest areas can make your home look and feel brighter.


The garage is an excellent example of a place where you may rely on artificial lighting to get around the space and handle any task. But, you may want to bring in natural lighting, which you can accomplish by installing a window or two along the walls. Without any existing windows, you will find that putting a window of any size in any location will provide you with positive results.

If you want to maximize how much natural light you are able to get in the garage from this addition, you should focus on the areas that get the most sunlight throughout the day. To keep your garage as secure as possible, you should prioritize adding windows within the fenced in area of your property so that no one can just walk up to the garage windows from the outside.


A high foot traffic area that you may know looks dim without artificial lighting is the hallway. If you want to make the hallway look more inviting and make it easier to use a closet or any storage solutions along this path, you should not hesitate to install a new window. Since the hallway end may be the only part touching an exterior wall, you may not have many installation options.

If this exterior wall does not receive a lot of direct sunlight due to obstacles or its positioning, you should compensate by installing an oversized window to bring in as much light as possible.


On a cloudy day, you may find that you are not able to see everything about the entryway without turning an overhead light on. In most cases, you can install a window somewhere nearby where you will be able to get a lot of direct and indirect sunlight to illuminate the area successfully.

If you are also interested in indirect natural lighting that you can get without giving up any privacy, you should consider installing a window above the front door.

With these tips, you can look forward to adding windows in dim areas to help with the lack of natural lighting around your house. Learn more about residential window installation today.