Are you located in an area that is prone to hurricanes and feel that you need to upgrade your home's windows so that they are hurricane proof? If so, it helps to know the following benefits of hurricane windows so that you know if they are a good choice for you. 

Hurricane Windows Prevent Glass From Shattering

What makes hurricane windows unique is the way that they are constructed. There are at least two layers of glass that make up each window pane, with a layer of plastic webbing between each glass layer. That webbing is designed to hold the glass together if something were to hit the window at very high speeds during a hurricane. As you can imagine, a huge benefit of this webbing is that pieces of glass will not be flying through your home if a window is hit with an object.

Hurricane Windows Prevent Injury From Projectile Damage

Trees limbs, outdoor decorations, and even patio furniture can go flying through the air during a hurricane. If a projectile comes flying into your normal windows when you are standing behind them, that projectile is going to hit and injure you in the process. Thankfully, this is one more benefit of using a hurricane window, since it is going to prevent those fast-moving objects from getting into your home. 

Hurricane Windows Prevent Wind Damage In Your Home

That plastic webbing is going to keep shattered glass from separating and keep the window in your window frame when possible. This is also going to prevent wind from getting in your home during a hurricane, which is actually what causes a lot of damage to homes when windows start to break, and is why many people end up putting boards over windows when hurricanes come. 

Hurricane Windows Provide Peace Of Mind

Having hurricane windows also gives you peace of mind that your home is protected and that you don't have to run around to quickly board up your windows. This can be a great benefit if you have a summer home in a hurricane-prone area and are not always there to react to a hurricane.

Hurricane Windows Provide Benefits Not Related To Hurricanes

In addition to all of the protection from hurricanes, these specialty windows also provide your home with better energy efficiency due to the dual layers and thick glass. You'll also notice more noise reduction, so you won't hear the cars from the busy street outside your home.